The Girls Mean Business Club

The Girls Mean Business® Club is a monthly online club for women business owners, which sounds cliquey and boring but TOTALLY ISN'T! It's a place where like-minded women (and some enlightened guys) hang out, brainstorm, give support, have a rant and do business. It's a place where you won't feel alone in your business any more. And it's safe to ask silly questions, in fact it's our hobby.

Every month the Head Girl who means business, Claire Mitchell, runs a live class on a marketing or business topic and sticks around at the end to answer your questions. Then there's the Facebook group. It's A.MAZ.ING and magic happens there. Seriously, why are you still here? Just join, already!

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30 Days To Boost Your Biz

And Bank Balance

30 Days To Boost Your Biz was one of the first programmes I wrote and it's still changing lives today, 4 years later. It's the perfect introduction to thinking like a business owner and getting your head around marketing.

We tackle confidence and focus and blast those mind monkeys. We cover the basics of marketing - just what you NEED to know to get started, instead of feeling overwhelmed by what the books say you should be doing. 

This is for you if you're just starting out or you've been going a while and need a little kick up the bum to get you going again. It's 4 classes, each an hour long, and you can download them to keep along with your workbook. Perfect toe dipper if you're not sure where to start.

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Awesome Business School

Awesome Business School is my beginner level programme (also great if you’re just a bit ‘rusty’). Is it right for you? Well, if you answer YES to these questions, you need to keep reading!

  • Do you feel totally out of your depth in business?
  • Are you lost and bewildered and clueless when it comes to marketing?
  • Does this ‘business owner’ lark feel way too scary?
  • Are you short on time but desperate to know what to do?
  • Would you LOVE someone to show you the easy way?
  • Is it TIME you made this business do what it's capable of?

80+ videos and classes, dip in and out when you like - awesome FB group. You're going to LOVE it. Read More About It

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Supercharge Your Sales

If the thought of ‘selling’ makes you feel UNEASY, UNCOMFORTABLE and downright SCARED, keep reading! You’re not alone, in fact most women I work with have a *thing* about selling or feeling ‘salesy’ – And yet, if you don’t sell anything you don’t have a business.  That’s the tricky bit.

Supercharge Your Sales is perfect for you if you’d love to find a painless, easy way to build sales into your days, no pressure, no feeling uncomfortable.

I’m not talking about some dodgy subconscious hypno selling thing – I’m talking about making your marketing SO good that you PULL people into your business. People who WANT to buy, who LOVE what you do and keep coming back. Which means YOU don’t have to do PUSHY SELLING. Read More About It

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Online Coaching Made Easy

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30 Days To Build Your List

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