Are the school holidays looming large? Maybe they have already hit! Either way, running a business in the school holidays when you have children is TOUGH!

Running a business and the best of times is tricky, doing it in school holidays becomes a whole new challenge in itself.

Your routine goes out of the window, your work time becomes limited to 10 minutes here and half an hour there in between holiday clubs, days out, mum’s taxi runs and generally trying to keep the kids happy and entertained for weeks on end.

What are you really need is something to

1.                   Give you back some structure

2.                   Help you make the most of the limited time you do have

3.                   Help you get really clever with running your business in the school holidays

The brilliant news is I have just what you need!

I created the Ultimate Business Survival Guide For The School Holidays just for you I’m a mum of A seven-year-old, I know what it’s like, and I’m having to work through the school holidays just like you.

So, I have put together a big bundle of planners, cheat sheets, idea sheets, worksheets and more along with some valuable short videos to get your head in the right place and shortcut your learning.

I also thrown in two of my bestselling classes, From Frazzled Wreck To Productivity Wonder Woman and Thriftastic Marketing, (How To Market On A Shoestring Budget) to give you even more help and ideas to get through the holidays with your business and sanity intact.

I’ve put together ideas to help you work from anywhere, at the beach, at the park, on a plane, as soft play, depending on whether you have Wi-Fi, noisy surroundings, attractive surroundings, etc.

You will also get the childcare planner that I USE the holidays. I print off a copy for each week of the holidays and stick it to my kitchen wall so I can keep track of everything that’s going on.

I know that holidays are expensive, not just due to activities and days out, but also extra fuel for ‘Mum’s Taxi’, filling the magically emptying fridge, and lost work time, So I have made this Business Survival Guide super affordable for you.

At just 9.99, you are getting over £100 worth of content for under a tenner. What’s not to love?

AND, you can download it all to keep forever. It’s yours

The sooner you buy it, the sooner you can get some structure and sanity back into the school holidays and give your business fighting chance– What are you waiting for? Grab it now!

GBP 8.33 before VAT